Land Rover Range Rover Sport Diesel model

Benefits of Range Rover Sport Diesel Models

For decades, car manufacturers have offered gasoline-powered engines. Within the last decade, diesel fuel has grown in popularity. There are a few reasons for this, including the efficiency, power and longevity that diesel fuel has to offer. Land Rover has recently jumped on the diesel bandwagon with its all-new Range Rover Sport models. The automaker hopes to put an end to drivers' concern over diesel-powered engines, and embark on a more efficient, clean future.

As we stated earlier, there are plenty reasons to switch to diesel. The benefits of Range Rover Sport Diesel models outweigh the cons. If you’re curious to learn more about how the auto world is transforming, read on. We have information on the benefits that diesel has to offer against gasoline models.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport diesel vs. gasoline engine

Now that it’s 2016, automakers are finding more ways to make their models efficient. Diesel fuel has been around for awhile, but has just recently become a popular mean of power for cars. The following benefits are available, when you switch to a Range Rover Sport Diesel model:

Fuel Savings: Drivers who switch to diesel can see more miles for their money. Diesel engines can be up to 26/29 (city/highway) percent more efficient than gasoline, allowing owners to stop at the gas station less often.

Longevity: Diesel engines have the potential to last a lot longer than gasoline engines, because they are able to handle higher amounts of compression. Since they are able to handle the pressure, they can last longer without needing repairs.

Better Torque Ratio: Because diesel engines burn fuel more slowly than gasoline engines, they can deliver higher amounts of torque to the drive shaft. Due to this, they can typically out-tow gasoline models, and even go go from a stand-still to full power faster.

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